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Tax training - practice made perfect.
By investing in tax training your firm, company or organisation is in fact saving as it will avert the hefty cost associated with non-compliance by aligning its tax affairs to the approach required by law.

Training is one of the largest investments you can make for your future success, and to keep the taxman at bay! Our training programmes are designed to help:
  • To improve and enhance your firm’s, company’s or organization’s general tax awareness as well as specific tax issues identified as being relevant to you

  • To improve tax management through recognition of compliance risks

  • To improve compliance and greater working confidence among members of staff dealing with tax matters.
Participants in our Seminars have developed a better understanding of the Kenyan tax regime and built practical skills crucial in handling of compliance related problems and therefore are better equipped to discharge their functions within their organizations.

Additionally, we issue participants with tax literature that contain material and handouts for the Seminar. This serve as an important source of reference during and after the training. Click here to see our recent and upcoming Seminars...
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