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Sleepless nights?
KRA starts a number of random tax investigations each year. Most investigations are started because there are concerns about the accuracy of the tax return or accounts that have been submitted. If you are under investigation, it is reasonable to assume that KRA considers your tax return, etc. to be incorrect.

KRA has access to information from various sources in deciding whether to investigate a particular tax return. As well as considering the information in the accounts and on the return, KRA will look at the results achieved by similar businesses in the local area.

There may be information from third parties (e.g. banks or informants); and there may be information obtained from other investigations
When faced with a tax investigation, it is critical that you have the right support and advice. You need to be able to concentrate on your business and not be distracted.

The stress of being investigated by KRA can cause sleepless nights. Apart from the financial aspects of an investigation, the emotional cost can be considerable.

At Tax Solutions we understand the trauma of being investigated and aim to guide you through the process with the minimum amount of pain. For a discussion on your circumstances, and to see how Tax Solutions can help you, please contact us.
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