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Tax is a maze, or is it?

World over, tax codes and laws are constantly changing. With every Budget speech, the Government comes up with new Kenyan tax measures, rates, rules, advantages, incentives, remissions and so on as it seeks to raise the requisite revenue from the ever shrinking sources as well as seal all loopholes that exist in the tax statutes.

Every year Kenyan tax statutes become more complex, bulkier and difficult to interpret and navigate through. Yet businesses need to be on top of ....

Sleepless nights?
KRA starts a number of random tax investigations each year. Most investigations are started because there are concerns about the accuracy of the tax return or accounts that have been submitted. If you are under investigation, it is reasonable to assume that KRA considers your tax return, etc. to be incorrect.

KRA has access to information from various sources in deciding whether to investigate a particular tax return....
Tax training
By investing in tax training you firm, company or organisation is in fact saving as it will avert the hefty cost associated with non-compliance by aligning its tax affairs to the approach required by law. Training is one of the largest investments you can make for your future success, and to keep the tax man at bay! Our training programmes are designed to help:
  • To improve and enhance your firm’s, company’s or organization’s general tax awareness as well as specific tax issues identified as being relevant to you....
Tax Solutions
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